Justin Bieber Saved My Life

justin bieber saved my lifeI sit at my desk. I nervously check over my shoulder to make sure no one is within earshot. I’m about to do something I’ve never done before.

I go to GrooveShark and type in Justin Beiber. GrooveShark’s autocorrect tells me that it’s actually spelled Bieber (out of a fear of millions of teen girls, I make a mental note). I click on “One Time” and press play (quickly checking to make sure the volume is turned down low). Then I sit back and listen to my first Bieber experience.

This was my experience after hearing about Justin Bieber’s interview in Rolling Stone Magazine. I’ve heard about this teen idol before, but I can’t say I listen to the radio much and I’ve never had any reason to seek out his music (I tend to stick to classic rock).

Justin Bieber Saved My Life

Imagine hearing those words… Sound ridiculous? I guarantee that they will be uttered. Whenever someone has a trusting audience, they have a great deal of power to save lives. Justin Bieber has great power.

That’s right, his boyish good looks and high pitched voice are powerful. This isn’t a review of his music but a statement of reality. There are thousands of raving fans, the majority of whom are young girls.

A number of these young girls are or could become pregnant in the near future. They will likely then receive all kinds of pressure and maybe even coercion to abort their baby.

Maybe their boyfriends will leave them. Maybe their parents will threaten to throw them out of the house. Maybe their friends at school will ridicule them. But…

What about Bieber?

But, what about Bieber? Their beloved teen idol has made a strong statement (undoubtedly heard by millions by now) that he doesn’t believe in abortion. He thinks it’s killing a baby.

That one shred of support amidst the overwhelming pressure to abort from all sides could be the thing that resonates just enough with what these girls know is true in their hearts. That shred of support will be the one thing that pulls some of these girls through their decision to give life to their babies against the pressures of a world that finds their choice to be unacceptable.

Given Bieber’s extraordinary popularity, hundreds of lives could be saved by this one interview. If only other people who have such power would use it for supporting life!

I hope Justin keeps his courage and stays strong against the backlash to his comments. I hope he grows in his pro-life views and expresses them often. I hope you thank him for them here.

I’m predicting a spike in the popularity of the name Justin for babies born in 2011. I also predict that in about 16 years there will be several teens who can say “Justin Bieber Saved My Life”

Do you like his music? Do you like his pro-life-ness? Disagree with me? Comment below!

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