How to Alter Reality Like NPR (in 5 easy steps)

NPR Biased

“Perception is Reality”

Step 1 – Gain people’s trust as a source of information

Step 2 – Craft your agenda, but act like you have no agenda

Step 3 – Find bogus studies and experts and hope people don’t fact check

Step 4 – Tell a story to your trusting audience

Step 5 –  Sit back and watch as your audience actually believes that your story correspond to reality

Step 1 – Gain Trust

What we perceive affects what we believe to be real. This simple fact lends a huge amount of power to those who control the flow information to large groups of people.

Whether you run a blog, a newspaper, a radio show or a cable television program, the power grows with your audience. The power grows with your brand and the trust that people have in your brand. If people trust you, you can craft their perception of reality very easily.

NPR has a lot of trust built up with many people. Therefore, they have a great deal of power to shape reality for many, many people.

Step 2 – Craft an Agenda

Decide what alternate reality you want to create in people’s minds and stick to it.

NPR is notorious for promoting ‘liberal’ ideas and agendas like abortion. They recently ran this story about the psychological after-effects of abortion. I found it, no surprise here, on Planned Parenthood’s facebook page. The story is a clear attempt to discredit Post Abortion Syndrome and put down any question of whether abortion could hurt women.

NPR acts like a neutral news source but, in this case, after a little digging, we see that they are far from it. They masters of step 2.

Step 3 – Get Your ‘Experts’

The study touts experts and scientists and a brand new study to prove that abortion doesn’t hurt women’s mental health. It is forceful and pretty convincing…

Step 3a -Hope No One Reads the Fine Print

It turns out that the main expert quoted in the article is Robert Blum. A man who used to head the Guttmacher Institute.

That sounds good right? Well, to the trusting reader it sounds great. They don’t know who the Guttmacher Institute is and there is little chance they would look it up. After all, they trust NPR…

The Guttmacher Institute is the research arm of the largest abortion provider in the United States. That’s right, they’re buddy-buddy with Planned Parenthood. Remember this, if you want to alter reality, you need ‘experts’ who agree with your new reality.

If you have a study, follow NPR’s great example and be sure that there is as much conflict of interest as possible. (Be sure not to publicize that though) The study NPR cites is itself seriously flawed. The study was funded by The Susan Buffet Foundation. This foundation has given millions of dollars to, you guessed it, Planned Parenthood (and other abortion promoting organizations)!

There are other flaws with the study I won’t go into. But if you want to shape reality like NPR you’ll have to be sure the study comes out to agree with your agenda and your experts!

Step 4 – Tell Your Story as Fact

There must be no doubt in your story. There must be only the perception of straight fact and consensus.

NPR does a great job of this. The story comes across as if it is finally settling a debate. In fact, if you listen to the audio it comes across very forcefully.

Robert Blum’s voice is agitated as if he’s an unbiased expert who’s known the truth for a long time and finally everyone agrees with his ‘reality’. There is no doubt or competing ideas presented anywhere. This lack of doubt coupled with the trust many people give NPR makes for a very compelling perception by readers/listeners.

Step 5 – Sit Back as Reality is Altered

What the readers and listeners perceive through this piece of ‘journalism’ becomes their reality. Because they don’t have the time or background or mistrust to actually check the study or the experts, you have succeeded in creating an alternate reality in their minds.

It doesn’t matter what is real. If you follow these 5 easy steps, you can tell people what is real.

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