Breast Cancer Prevention

Here is my recent article on the Students for Life of Illinois website about Breast Cancer Prevention.

At the closing of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, I feel the need to comment on the glaring disparity between many who promote this month and the necessary movement to prevent breast cancer.

This disparity became very obvious when reading two letters published in the Chicago Daily Herald.  “Know the Facts on Breast Cancer Risks” By Karen Malec and “Cancer Prevention a Year Round Task” by Carole Brite.

Brite’s letter references prevention in the title, but then does not talk about breast cancer prevention at all. She talks about ‘preventative screenings’ but screenings do not prevent breast cancer from occurring.  Screenings look for and find, according to Brite, 9 out of 10 cases of breast cancer.  While screening for breast cancer is very important as a method of early detection, it does nothing to prevent the cancer from forming in the first place.

Brite’s letter seems to be nothing more than a PR piece aimed at making her organization, Planned Parenthood, look good. She touts Planned Parenthood’s accomplishments for women’s health three times in the short article.

In fact, when it comes to prevention, it turns out that Brite’s organization does the opposite. Planned Parenthood actively promotes chemicals and procedures known to increase breast cancer risk.

Malec’s letter, on the other hand, focuses on the breast cancer risk factors associated with ‘reproductive health.’  First, she talks about the impact of the artificial hormones in the birth control pill on breast cancer risk…

Last year’s study led by Jessica Dolle, which included National Cancer Institute branch chief Louise Brinton as a co-author, reported that recent users of the pill multiply their risk for the deadly, triple-negative breast cancer (TNBC) by 4.2 times.

Next, she discusses the increased breast cancer risk associated with induced abortion before a full-term pregnancy…

Scientists reported a 40 percent increased risk of breast cancer for women who have had abortions…

…Medical texts reveal that women with larger families, starting at an early age (before age 24), and who breast-feed their children for more months during their reproductive lives significantly reduce their breast cancer risk. Therefore, experts agree that the woman who aborts has a higher risk than does the one who has a full term birth.

She then quickly covers the mechanism by which this phenomenon works:

A first full-term pregnancy matures 85 percent of the mother’s cancer-susceptible breast lobules into permanently cancer-resistant lobules. The unborn child produces the hormones responsible for the maturation.

Do you see the disparity? Brite says she will talk about prevention and then talks about screening and boasts about Planned Parenthood. Malec points to scientific evidence of avoidable risk factors. All of which Planned Parenthood will likely deny because they make up a large portion of their business.

Finally, I’d like to call your attention to the relationship between Planned Parenthood and Komen. It seems an odd pairing that an organization that promotes as its core products abortion and birth control (both increase a woman’s risk for breast cancer significantly) and an organization devoted to finding a cure for breast cancer would have a financial relationship.

Komen gives money to Planned Parenthood, apparently to do more screenings. But what about PREVENTION? Komen’s website does mention the pill as a risk factor (it is listed last), but it gives no mention of abortion’s effect on breast cancer risk.

Komen is willingly and knowingly supporting an organization that actively increases breast cancer risk factors for millions of women. What could be the explanation for this?

I was going to give my opinions on why this is happening, but I will let people who are more familiar with these risk factors and with Komen do the talking. Here is a video I found with various interviews about the Breast Cancer – Abortion Link and Komen. Please watch it! Here.

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