If Abortion Language Was Used Consistently…

abortion languageI’ve always found it ridiculous to hear the dishonest manipulation of the English language that abortion promoters use to sanitize the dismemberment of pre-born human beings.

They dehumanize the little boy or girl who is not yet born by using words that erase all humanity.

“Clump of Cells”
“Blob of Tissue”
“Product of Conception”
“Uterine Contents”

When I first started learning about the abortion issue, I thought it was absurd that anyone would use these ridiculous terms. I didn’t really believe it at first. But, sadly, it’s true…

The humanity of the pre-born child is denigrated over and over and over.

Humanity is the Enemy of Injustice

It reminds me of learning about slavery in the United States. There were words used then in reference to African Americans that were meant specifically to dehumanize them.

They talked about slaves as if they were sub-human chattel so that it was easier to abuse their God given rights.

The same thing happens now with abortion. It’s much easier to support dismembering a human being (pre-born child) when you’ve convinced yourself that it’s not a human being. Just as it’s much easier to buy, sell, beat and kill a human being (slave) when you’ve convinced yourself that it’s not a human being.

So, people massage their consciences through semantic manipulation. This keeps their consciences from reacting fervently to the horrible act of abortion. However, that doesn’t mean it’s not horrible. It means their consciences aren’t working properly.

Our consciences should react with great fervor when we encounter great injustice!

Let’s be Honest, Just this One Time!

The dishonesty in language is overwhelming sometimes. It’s often easy for people to miss it. But, what if it were used consistently?

What would the world look like if we used the dehumanizing terms above in all contexts?

It would be absurd.

My friend Kelsey, at SecularProLife.org, tipped me off to this great video. It shows the ridiculousness of the language used by abortion promoters by showing it used consistently… finally!

Can you think of other examples of dehumanizing or deceptive terms that are used to promote abortion? Please share in the comments below!